They (by the way, who is "they") say, Sunday is a day of rest. But not today, our church had it's Pre-Thanksgiving Bake Sale and yes, I made Derby Pies and then worked at the sale. All the money raised is being sent to our partner church in Haiti to feed the hungry and destitute after this devastating Hurricane season they have experienced. We are all so blessed every day that we have a roof over our heads, readily available food (most of us will never know starvation) and for the most part - good health. I am feeling very thankful!

After working the sale, I spent the afternoon in a friend's commercial kitchen producing 42 pounds of Southern Fried Pecans. What would have taken me 4 - 5 hours at home, took about 1 hour from start to finish. Many, many thanks Tony.

As for the recipe for the pecans, I have not decided yet whether to market them or not so until then, I will not post the recipe. Sorry...

They are Divine!

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving.


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