My Absence!!!

In all defense, my absence has been due to a million, gazillion reasons. The first and foremost is my own health. After many, many tests and some misdiagnosis, I have found out that I indeed do have Celiac's Disease. What a relief to know what is going on and how to "fix" it. It has been a challenge, but not insurmountable. Adjustments in eating, cooking and thinking - it has worked. I am now working on creating some gluten free recipes and will share them soon. Until then, I am so very thankful for the blogs that deal with gluten free as they have been my savior.
Until I post again, happy blogging to my friends.


Kim said...

Sorry that you haven't been feeling well, but glad that you have a diagnosis. My daugher's beau has Celiac and it took almost 6 years for it to be confirmed and he got quite ill. You are right, great food blogs with lots of tasty options to eat well gluten-free. Glad that you are back.

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